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The Bread House
Once upon a time, there was a little brown mouse, who lived in a little brown burrow with all of his family.  For a time, they lived happily together, while the mice were still very young and their parents guided them like shepherds; but then the little mice grew bigger and bigger until the burrow became too cramped to hold them all.  One mouse exclaimed that he couldn’t live in this burrow anymore, for it was much too small for them, and one by one, the others fell in suit.
He ran far and wide in search of a good place to live, but found none.  Wherever he went, there were creatures trying to catch him; the humans laid traps for him in the houses and the cats in the alleys tried to eat him up.  And just when he had become so weary he couldn’t run no more and was about to give up, he found a loaf of good bread, just lying on the ground.  He took to the bread immediately and gobbled all of the insides up, hollowing out the bread.  And when he wa
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Snow is a Sad Color
    The little shed was freezing inside when he woke up.
    He looked out the soiled, scratched window; there was three feet of snow outside.  He stood up in the corner he had slept in, pulling his tattered blanket about him.  His breath was white and icy, a mist forming in front of his blue, dull eyes.  He blinked, slowly, and then looked at the floor as he walked to the other side of his shed.
    He looked briefly inside his tiny dresser, taking up the leftmost corner.  An empty picture frame and an empty flower vase both sat upon it, their occupants long dead.  Dirty water he hadn’t bothered to remove sat, stagnant, inside the vase, as though a vessel for the soul that had once resided there.  Inside the two drawers, there were clothes that were so torn and so dirty he rarely even bothered with wearing them; even now, he was only clothed in his blanket, a soft, brown knitted beauty that
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Park Benches
Alone ones sit here and
While the rain pitters,
And patters,
Think about what it means
To feel it on their cheeks,
Leaving a dampness
That refreshes an
Aching heart,
Hides their tears .
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Leaving Things
She left her earrings at the mall
He left his school books at home
She left her shoes in the cabinet
He left his trash in the dump
She left her treasure in her chest
He left his dog at home
She left her cat with mom
He left his coffee on his desk
She left her porridge to cool
He left her a love letter
She left him a love letter
He left his soup in the microwave
She left her soup on the table
He left his home to go riding
She left him to find another
He left his job to find purpose
She left her job to find happiness
He left the poor man on the street
She left the poor man with a quarter
He left the town to find something better
She left the town to find something else
I left myself behind
So that I could find a better
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Tell Me
A rabbit looks up at me
It is he who tells me of the earth
A fish looks up at me
It is he who tells me of the water
An owl looks down at me
It is he who tells me of the sky
The sun looks down at me
It is he who tells me of the world
The sea looks up at me
It is he who tells me of the depths
Me and my reflection look at each other
It is us that tells me of myself
For no one else can say
for sure.
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Writing Tournament 2014 ~ Round I
Come one and come all, raise your pen take part in this grand literary battle! There are subscriptions, points, art, features, and more to be won! You all have until February 12th to enter.
The time is nigh for the Fourth Annual Writers--club Literature Tournament!
This is a tournament for all writers welcoming prose and poetry! :la: It will be a grand competition spanning three rounds of literary challenge! :typerhappy: First of all, you must be willing to write for each of the rounds over the coming months.
There will be judging at the end of each round and those who progress to the next round will have to write a new piece for the next round's theme. A new participants list with the surviving writers will be released upon the announcement of the new round.
To sign up, join the group as a member and add this blog entry to your favorites. From there, feel free to submit your entry to the Tournament Round 1 Folder.
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M1 - Prologue
The corridor before the throne room was far from quiet. Knights of all shades were in the midst of escorting a strange Pokémon, a foreigner of sorts from all angles. The knights that led this strange 'mon did so in parallel lines, and were marching with very little space in between, making it difficult to spot this newcomer. They remained on the straight and narrow, as trained, hardly letting their stares stray.
From all the hustle and bustle over him, it wasn't hard to guess that they were someone important. But, the mysteriosity surrounding the uninvited guest had been the allure for a certain Ninetales, leaning idly against the stone wall with the brim of his hat covering his eyes, as per usual.
There was no denying it; not even his keen eyes could glean much other than the fact that this newcomer was an off-white. He merely watched as the knights led the way down the dingy, dimly-lit hall, following the path the newly-made carpet made towards the throne room. It wa
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All of my activity has moved to
This is a website I will be running to showcase my work on the internet, which also includes a blog.  My dA account will remain dead indefinitely.  If you like the work on my DeviantART account and still wish to monitor my progress, please consider following my website instead of +watching.

It's not hard to follow the website: If you are a logged-in Wordpress user, all you have to do is click the Follow button at the bottom of the page.  If you are not a logged-in Wordpress user, please click the Follow button at the bottom of the page and provide your email.  After Following, you will get notifications in your Reader (if you are a Wordpress user) and/or your chosen email account for new posts.

At the time of writing, this is a relatively new website, so I hope to see you there! :)
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm your local neighborhood grump, author, illustrator, and underage wizard.
I like speculative fiction, fantasy, mystery, military and war time fiction, with a pinch of comedy to lift the mood every now and again. I spend most of my time drawing, writing, pixelling, working on school, being a nerd, and writing stupid strings of words like the one you are reading right now.
I also like androids, cheese, books, words, being pensive, video games, computers, tea, snakes, mythology, and wandering aimlessly around the kitchen when I'm bored.
Here you'll find cheese-flavored (otherwise called "cheesy") old pictures and stories from a year ago. You'll want to focus on the ones from 2013 onward; those are much more mild in the cheese department and focus more on plot, logic, and are approved by mystery and suspense before being served. Believe me when I say that I've taken levels in cooking up stories; lots and lots of them.
Most of my stuff comes from random bursts of inspiration I like to call an "Inspiration Attack", but these usually take up the form of images containing pre-existing characters; only one picture ever contained a character I had never seen before. It's called "L O U D". Look at it sometime. It's cool and has lots of bright colors.
So yeah. Check out my stuff. It's cool stuff.

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Yes, and currently I'm holding a sale. Interested?
infectitious Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First Commission: 
OC Lorilei Lazuli
Pose: Can you give her a crown and have ice and snow surrounding her. She's a ice woman/medusa. And she's a model >u<

Second Commission:
OC Amara Milis
Pose: She's a controller of space and time, so something with a space-like background? C:

Third Commission: 
OC Kumiko Tsumi
Hair: Pigtails with bangs covering HER left eye.
Body/Outfit:………  (Her eye is supposed to be red I made a mistake :C and her skirt is supposed to be black)
Pose: She uses fire so something with a fire-ish background and her holding a scythe?

 That's uh 150 points right? o-o

ColoredTalesStudios Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Eh, 'scuse me, but I can't seem to access any of the references for Kumiko Tsumi, and the hair references for Lorilei also seem to be missing.  Is there an error or did you move/remove them?  If so, can you give me the updated URLs or send them to me through
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ColoredTalesStudios Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Yes, that's 150 points.
Do you have a deadline in mind? At least a rough date you'd like to have your pictures done? Note that I have a commission I'm already working on that I'm trying to get done within the week, so if you could work around that it'd be great.
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